– Is your cheer squad trying to cheer all the way to the top but something always holds your team back?
– Are you amazing athletes with the skills to win, but just can’t score the top spot on a national level?
– Are there a few squad members that keep you from becoming the champions you deserve to be?
– Does your squad lack tumbling, stunts, and/or dancing skills?  Is there a lack of discipline or commitment?
– Are there too many big personalities in the squad that tend to bump heads?
– Are there some team members that have attitude problems or problems with following directions and taking criticism?

MTV wants to follow a unique, dynamic, and talented cheer squad and, with the help of some of the best coaches in America, make them over into champions!

If you are currently part of a cheerleading team in need of our help, we want to hear from you ASAP!  Please email us at with a brief paragraph about your cheer squad, why your team desperately needs help, and a description of the most outspoken members of the squad. You must appear to be between the ages of 16 -21. Any competitive cheer team can submit (high school, college, and non-school affiliated). 

Please include:
Your name:
Contact Number(s):
City and State that you live in:
Email Address:
Recent photos of yourself and your squad
Video of your squad performing