Casting Calls

Wanna be on MTV? Check out the opportunities below!

Are you a survivor who wears a pink badge of honor? Go Here

Want to be on Catfish: The TV Show season 5? Go Here

Calling all music fans! Go Here

Wanna be on Real World? Go Here

Do you want to be at the Teen Mom 2: After Show special? Go Here

Do you want to be at the Teen Mom 2: Reunion Show? Go Here

Are you on your way to being the best in the world at something? Go Here

Are you in the dating field with HIV? Go Here

Is your passion or dream a burden on your family? Go Here

Are you becoming a new person? Go Here

Does your size get in the way of your life? Go Here

Are you pregnant and hiding it from everyone? Go Here

Have you tried flakka and now you can’t stop? Go Here

Are your parents non-monogamous? Go Here

Are you a personal assistant to a major celebrity? Go Here

Are you engaged to someone you’ve never met in person? Go Here

Have you made it big on YouTube or by creating your own app? Go Here

Have you fallen in love with your cousin? Tell us about it. Go Here

Are you questioning if you are the real father of a child? Go Here

Are you a twin who is tired of being a package deal? Go Here

Do you have a parent who works in porn? Go Here

Do you possess psychic abilities? Go Here

Do you work in a nudist colony or resort? Go Here

Still hung up on your ex? Go Here

Are you straight but moonlight as gay to pay the bills? Go Here

Do you want to look like an anime character? Go Here

Are you supernatural or possess supernatural powers? Go Here

Do your adventures make other people think you’re crazy? Go Here

Is your life being turned upside down by revenge porn? Go Here

Do you have a taboo sexual attraction to a person or thing? Go Here

Are you blurring the lines between man and machine? Go Here

Are you potentially the leader of a new spiritual movement? Go Here

Is one or more of your parents transitioning between genders? Go Here

Are you neither male or female? Want to talk about it? Go Here

Lil Jon wants to pay it forward for you. Want his help? Go Here

When words aren’t enough… SAY IT IN SONG! Go Here

Do you feel like a friend or loved one is hiding something from you? Go Here

A new MTV series from the creators of Catfish: The TV Show is looking to help anyone ready to let go of a secret once and for all. Go Here

Attention ladies! Are you a serial digital-dater? Go Here

Are you ready for the road trip of a lifetime? Go Here

MTV International is searching the U.S for people who live in extremely dirty or messy rooms! Know any? Go Here

Is your partner cheating on you using social media? Go Here

Ladies, are you a true player? Go Here

Do you have the greatest party story ever? Go Here

Looking for high school students who want to take their PROMposal to the next level. Go Here

MTV is looking for the funniest, most outrageous, most unbelievable stories out there! Go Here

MTV wants YOU if you have something to Say!! Go Here

Want to show the world you pranks, jack ass stunts, world records, confessions, proposals, feats of athleticism or something else? Click here and start showing the world what you want to be known for!!

MTV is Casting Now for a new season of “16 and Pregnant.” Go Here

Are you internet famous? Go Here

Vegas & LA video game players and fans – We want you! Go Here

Catfish: The Untold Stories Go Here

Do you have the craziest job ever?! Go Here

Wanna be on MTV’s Are You The One? Go Here

Are you a SUPER FAN of Awkward and Faking It? Go Here

Now casting: Exciting new challenge show! Go Here

Is one of your parents transgender or currently transitioning? Go Here

Are you a transgender parent who is currently transitioning? Go Here

NOW CASTING: High School Seniors in their last summer of freedom!! Go Here

Do You Think Your Parents Have Been Keeping Something From You? Go Here

PARENTS: Have You Been Keeping Something Major From Your Kids That You Want To Tell Them? Go Here

Are you part of an Indian American Motelier Family? Go Here

Do you have an incredible group of friends who know how to spend a buck or two? Go Here

Are you currently pregnant or recently had a baby with someone you met while abroad? Go Here

Does your cheer team need a massive makeover?! Go Here

Calling all cheerleading teams – nationwide! Go Here

Are you a young, passionate, and extremely dedicated member of a religious group? Go Here

Are you training or taking courses to solve mysteries as a private investigator? Go Here