Jenelle Evans Gets Medieval With The Fam [Photos]

Medieval Evans
If Barbara’s looking for a knight in shining armor, what about the guy on the right?  
There’s nothing like some roasted hen served without silverware to bring a family together, right? Before Jenelle Evans celebrated Easter Sunday with her sweet tot, Jace, the two — along with Grandma Babs — hit up everyone’s favorite royal feast and jousting restaurant, Medieval Times, for an old-school bonding affair. And, from the look of the pics the “Teen Mom 2” cast member posted to Instagram afterwards, we’d say the outing was a total success!

Midieval Jace and Babs
Jace looks a little nervous about heading inside the castle…
Midieval Jace
 …but appears way more comfortable on his throne. All hail Prince Jace!
Outside the arena, Jace took his rightful place atop the throne (Jenelle aptly captioned the pic above, “My little king”), and later on in the evening, as the festivities got into full swing, a carefree Barbara nabbed a peace offering from one of the handsome knights. “Lol my mom caught the rose !!!!! she was so happy lmao,” Jenelle wrote with the photo below.

Mideval Babs
The key to Babs’ heart? Flowers from a knight, naturally!
For those of you who’ve never seen a Medieval Times match, Jenelle uploaded the following video to explain the show:

Whaddya think? Not a bad warmup for a new “Game of Thrones” episode, eh? (Hey, it beats being called menopausal by a bunch of rude waiters…)

Photos: Jenelle Evans’ Instagram