‘Teen Mom 2′ Bonus Scene: Ali And Aleeah Have Spirit In Spades


Throughout this season of “Teen Mom 2,” we’ve watched Leah struggle to find a balance between motherhood and marriage, especially with her husband, Jeremy, working out of town. However, what’s always provided a bright light in the darkest of days is the joy the young mother gets from her spirited twin daughters, Ali and Aleeah.

In this bonus scene from Tuesday’s episode, Corey takes the girls to cheer practice, and with the help of Ashley, their gymnastics coach, Ali stretches out while Aleeah runs circles around the space. Each one looks like they’re having a blast, as Leah’s ex watches from the side, proud as a (bearded) peacock.

Despite Ali’s health issues, which have weighed heavily on both of her parents, as well as her step-parents, it’s great to see her condition isn’t holding her back from QT with Sissy. Plus, the exercise could actually improve her health. “I think it’ll help her build some muscle,” Ashley says. “[Ali] has the ability to do it.”

It’s a win/win. Plus, for Aleeah, who’s one big ball of energy, cheering is a great way to burn some of that up and for her to gain more focus. While Ali works on her rolls on the other side of the gym, Ashley and Aleeah run through the entire cheer routine, and the little champ nails it! Ashley gives Aleeah a high five for her hard work; we wish we could do the same!

Watch the clip: