Jenelle Evans’ Unborn Child Is The Latest Target Of Miley Cyrus’ Tongue [Photos]

Miley Jenelle

Jenelle Evans’ belly gets a visit from Miley Cyrus’ tongue.

For the past year, Miley Cyrus has been licking more than just stamps, and it looks like Jenelle Evans is the latest victim of the pop singer’s lingual septum.

If you already follow the “Teen Mom 2” cast member on Instagram, then your feed was totally blowing up last night with endless photos taken at the “Bangerz Tour” stop in Raleigh, North Carolina. Amidst shots of the “Wrecking Ball” crooner riding a giant hot dog and twerking up a storm, the expectant mom and her boyfriend, Nathan, posted the above pic, which is our personal fave. The caption? “Miss Miley we made it!!!!!”

There was initial talk that Miley was going to cancel this show because she felt flu-ish, but the feisty star pulled through and put on an AMAZEBALLS performance — at least that’s how it looked from Jenelle’s POV.

Not a bad choice for baby’s first concert. Maybe the follow-up will be this summer’s “Monster Tour,” starring Rihanna and Eminem? It’d make sense, considering Jenelle was part of the event’s initial promotion.

Mark our words: Jenelle’s hair feathers will not go to waste.

Jenelle Nathan Miley

Jenelle and Nathan “can’t stop” posting selfies during Miley’s concert.

Photos: Jenelle Evans’ Instagram