Snooki’s Son Has Given Her A New Nickname: ‘Cole’


‘Cole and her son catch some Zs.

Nicole Polizzi has been called Snooki (by the world at large), Snickers (by her ol’ “Jersey Shore” housemate, Ronnie) and, most affectionately, Boo-Boo (by her BFF, JWOWW), but apparently, none of these nicknames have satisfied her little son, Lorenzo. In an Instagram video the guidette posted yesterday, her adorable toddler throws his own choice moniker into the ring: ‘Cole.

“My baby knows I got two names,” Snooki captioned the clip, in which Lorenzo boldly cuts down “Nicole” by an entire syllable but then defers to calling her “mama.” (Guess old habits die hard.)

You know what? We kinda like ‘Cole! Let’s hope Snooks considers it as a hip-hop alias when she releases her first kids rap single, “Rubber Duckie Doug,” this summer. Oh…oh, that was an April Fools’ joke? But who’s gonna knock Pharrell off of the top of the Billboard Hot 100?

Photo courtesy of Snooki’s Instagram