Tyler Posey Declares War On North West Amid Kim Kardashian’s Hair Switch-Up [Video]


Sure, Scott McCall might have violent Japanese folklore to contend with in Beacon Hills, but Tyler Posey, the actor behind the “Teen Wolf” character, has much more pressing matters to address: the state of Kim Kardashian’s hair! Recently, Kim K. reverted back to a classic dark ‘do after dying her locks blonde, and on last night’s episode of “The Soup,” Posey made his stance on the switch clear, and took a few jabs at the mom’s newborn, North West, along the way. He’s comin’ for you, NW!

“‘Atta girl, Kim,” TyPo says in a clip from the show below, and when “Soup” host Joel McHale asks if that means he approves of Kim’s color, Posey passionately affirms. “I approve of Kim going back to who she was before that baby made her change!” he says. “Babies are the worst…screw you, North West! It’s about time Kim did something for herself.” NW isn’t yet a year old, but it seems she’s already made an enemy in the celebrity world! Watch where you step, though, Tyler — the Kardashians are one clan you might not want to mess with.

Check out the “Soup” segment!