‘Man Of Steel’ Star Dylan Sprayberry To Join ‘Teen Wolf’ Season 4


Dylan Sprayberry hits the red carpet at the “Man of Steel” world premiere.

Dylan O’Brien may want to consider adopting a nickname around the “Teen Wolf” set, because when the show’s fourth season premieres later this year, he’ll have a same-name player to contend with. Though Beacon Hills is still steeped in Oni and Kitsune spirits as Season 3 rages on, the show announced last night on Twitter that Dylan Sprayberry of “Man of Steel” will soon join the cast, and according to E!, he’ll play a new student with no plans to play nice. Sounds like the yang to Kira‘s yin…

“Teen wolf here I come !!!!!!! So pumpeddddddd” Sprayberry tweeted after his official casting announcement was made, which was followed by well wishes from his future co-stars, Tyler Posey and Tyler Hoechlin. “We just announced a new teen wolf cast member! @DSprayberry he’s a super cool dude and I couldn’t be happier with him joining the family!” Posey tweeted, while Hoechlin wrote “@DSprayberry Welcome to the family! See you soon.”

Sprayberry, who’s also had a role on “Glee,” will play a cocky jock with perfect grades who has no problem standing up to the big dogs (second coming of Jackson…?), E! says. However, when his character gets his first taste of the supernatural, his confidence will fall immediately to the wayside. Better buck up, kid!

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Photo: Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images