Kailyn Marroquin-Lowry Got Her Braces Off! See Her Unobstructed Smile


Kailyn Lowry: before and after orthodontia.

Break out the popcorn and bubblegum: Kailyn Marroquin-Lowry is no longer a metal mouth! After enduring more than a year of painful braces, the “Teen Mom 2” cast member has finally joined the likes of the bare-toothed crowd, as she announced yesterday that she was officially done with brackets, wires and elastics. And the results are picture-perfect — feast your eyes on that million-dollar smile! Girl is a walking orthodontia ad.

“They’re off! NO MORE BRACES. CANT STOP SMILING,” Kail tweeted with the photo above, in which her chompers look like they’ve been carved out of Italian marble. Having gone through years of headgear and powerchains, we know exactly what a nightmare that stuff can be, and considering Kail had to deal with the discomfort of pregnancy simultaneously, our hat is officially off to the mom. She definitely earned that smile!

+ Check out the photo, and tell us what you think of Kailyn’s squeaky-clean teeth!

Photos: Kailyn Marroquin-Lowry’s Instagram, @KailLowry