Little Lorenzo Is Following In His Mama Snooki’s Dancing Footsteps! [Video]


It looks like Lorenzo LaValle might be a shoo-in for Season 137 of “Dancing With The Stars“! Snooki posted an Instavid of her two-steppin’ toddler earlier today, which instantly melted away any Monday blues that may have been lurking around the MTV office. If only it could melt away this cold, hard winter, too.

“LOL my little dancing bean! Love him so much,” Nicole captioned the vid, in which she can be heard giggling at little ‘Enzo performing a much tamer version of The Seaside Hustle to Reel 2 Real’s “I Like To Move It.” Somebody clearly takes after his mama, who gloriously shimmied her way through the better part of Season 17 of “DWTS” by channeling her inner Ginger Rogers and Marilyn Monroe.

But the foxtrottin’ tot’s not quite ready to take his act public — the minute he realized he was being filmed, he froze. Snooki may want to consider investing in a nanny cam if she wants to catch sweet Lorenzo gettin’ down in his dancey pants!

Photo & video:, @Snookinic