Prove You’re ‘Alpha Of The Week’ And Win A Trip To L.A. For The ‘Wolf Watch’ Finale!


Are you a loyal member of the Wolf Pack, but still feel destined for top dog greatness? Well, now’s your chance to prove your worth! If you can convince us that you’re the most rabid “Teen Wolf” fan out there, you’ll win a trip to Los Angeles for the “Wolf Watch” finale and even be featured in the broadcast! And there’s more: You’ll win backstage passes to the Days of the Wolf Convention, which will feature Tyler Posey, Tyler Hoechlin, Crystal Reed, Holland Roden and other members of the cast. It’s enough to make someone howl! Here’s how you can win:

Head over to and submit a link to a tweet or a Tumblr post, or draft an original essay (3,000 words or less) that best demonstrates your obsession with the show and why you are, indeed, “Alpha of the Week” material. The winner will be flown out to Los Angeles from February 12 through February 16, and after taping “Wolf Watch,” will score two VIP backstage passes to the convention, where he or she will get to rub elbows with the “Teen Wolf” cast!

Always dreamed of making your way to Beacon Hills? Start getting creative, check out the official rules to ensure you’re eligible and get your entry in by January 30!