‘Teen Mom 2′ Bonus Scene: Jenelle Doesn’t Know What To Do About Jace’s Potty Mouth


If you’ve ever been around a small child, you know they’re basically information sponges, and “Teen Mom 2” tot Jace seems to have absorbed quite the bad habit. After years of cussing at one another in front of Jace, Jenelle and her mom, Barbara, finally saw the consequences of their actions during the Season 5 premiere, when they couldn’t get the tyke to stop saying “f**k,” and in this bonus scene, Jenelle explains to her friend, Taylor, how bad the situation with his potty mouth has become.

“Jace keeps saying f**k!” Jenelle laments to Taylor, who can’t help but laugh at the story of him repeating the word over and over. She admits she got so angry at his cussing that she threatened to go old school by washing his mouth out with soap, but it didn’t curb his swearing at all. In fact, f-bombs aren’t the only bad words he’s picked up. “S**t” and “bitch” are also permanent fixtures in his vocabulary now.

“I call my mom a bitch, and my mom calls me a bitch. So, that’s where he got that from,” Jenelle explains, noting that both she and Barb are to blame for his foul mouth.

“So, you think you’re gonna try to, like, stop cussing around him?” Taylor asks. Hmm, it might be a little late for that…

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