‘Teen Mom 2′ Poll: Did Jenelle Make The Right Choice To Have An Abortion?


Jenelle Evans‘ “Teen Mom 2” journey has been nothing short of traumatic at times, and though we’ve seen glimpses of hope throughout the years, the recovering addict endured yet another harrowing experience during tonight’s Season 5 premiere. Shortly after her husband of only a few months, Courtland, was sent to jail for drug-related charges, Jenelle discovered she was pregnant with his child. She hadn’t been clean from heroin for very long, and it was obvious to her that the marriage was doomed, so with her mother’s support, Jenelle decided to get an abortion. In our “Teen Mom 2 Featured Moment” clips below, Jenelle provides some insightful background on her troubled relationship with Courtland, whom she’s still legally married to, as well as what went into her choice to terminate the pregnancy.

“I didn’t care about my hygiene, I didn’t care about my health, I didn’t care about anything,” Jenelle says of her state of mind at the time. “I didn’t know what to do; I had to get an abortion…I had to.”

Abortion is obviously a polarizing topic, but we want to hear your thoughts on Jenelle’s situation in particular. Check out the videos, then share your opinion in the poll and comments section. And no matter how passionate you may feel about the subject, please remember to respect the viewpoints of others.