Enjoy Tonight’s ‘Teen Mom’ Episode Alongside Farrah Via UStream

Between stays in Iowa and Florida, Farrah of “Teen Mom” has been a little tough to track down this season, but tonight, she’ll be immediately available to you from the comfort of your own couch. Sophia’s mom will answer fan questions at 10 p.m. Eastern Standard Time via MTV.com’s UStream, staying put until nearly midnight. Sounds kind of like a virtual slumber party–who’s on Skittles duty?

The aspiring restauranteur is prepped for all the questions you’ve been dying to ask. She’ll surely have a lot to say about making the choice to send Sophia back to her parents’ house, and you can pretty much count on her new boyfriend, Daniel, being discussed. Beyond that? Guess it depends on you, so be sure to pay close attention and get those questions ready! Farrah’s the first teen mom to take part in this type of live video session, so it’s a chance you won’t want to miss!

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