Fall Back In Love With ‘The Hills,’ ‘Laguna Beach’ And ‘Daria’ This Summer!

Like anyone with an unkempt attic, we at MTV definitely had some spring cleaning to do before summer finally rolled around (and…uh…it definitely did today–holy back sweat, New York City!). Between the expected dirt clods and dust bunnies, we stumbled upon some old favorites: the Lauren Conrad mascara-stained tear, the Kristin Cavallari censored curse and the ever-popular, universally applicable Daria Morgendorffer “meh.” And, upon thorough inspection, we realized these items certainly aren’t doing us any good just laying around, so we’re bringing them out of hiding! “The Hills,” “Laguna Beach” and “Daria” will all re-hit MTV airwaves this summer in a time block dubbed Retro Mania, so y’all can start including the three ladies pictured above in your morning routines until the leaves start to turn again.

From 9 a.m. until noon on certain days through the remainder of June, July and August, the network will air nearly ALL of “Laguna” and “The Hills,” and select episodes of “Daria.” Spend June 25-29 chillin’ with the LBHS gang in LC’s outdoor hot tub, July 2-27 sprawled across the Hollywood club scene and July 30-August 3 following everyone’s favorite high school cynic. Plus, Stephen Colletti, Lo BosworthAudrina Patridge and Stephanie Pratt will all be on hand to give some insight into their former lives and all that juicy drama that accompanied them.

+ Stay tuned for the greatest reunion we could ever dream of, and keep up with Remote Control as we weigh in once more on some of the series’ greatest moments.

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