‘Punk’d’ Sneak Peek: Lauren Conrad’s In A Whole Heap Of Trouble

As many old “Hills” episodes can attest, Lauren Conrad is no stranger to being trashed by friends-turned-enemies. But even the filthiest gossip couldn’t have prepared the consummate California girl for what’s to happen when a dumpster turns her world upside-down on “Punk’d.

LC becomes a pawn of guest host Dax Shepard‘s game when she spots someone who’s trapped in a giant garbage bin in the below sneak peek of Thursday’s all-new episode. And after Dax has his dirty fun with the author, he’ll turn his pranking expertise onto basketball star Metta World Peace (err…you sure that’s a good idea?) and “Kick-Ass” starlet Chloe Moretz, who winds up in the middle of a cheating scandal. Bet she wishes she had a superhero or two in her back pocket…

+ Check out the video, and make sure to tune in Thursday at 10/9c to see all the nonsense go down.

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