PDA Showdown: Snooki And BF vs. JWOWW And BF

OK, we know what you’re thinking: Yesterday we weren’t sure whether or not Snooki and Jionni LaValle had gotten back together, and now we’re posting pictures of the two of them sucking face in front of a hot dog stand. Guess that bouquet of flowers he gave her did the trick! Or nitrates are the new aphrodisiac.

Yesterday, Snooki, Jionni, JWOWW and Roger went on an early morning double date along the Seaside Heights boardwalk. They were exceptionally lovey-dovey and completely oblivious to the 5th wheel tagging along (Ryder‘s back, y’all…and is that Pauly D‘s T-shirt she wearing?)

Both pairs look adorable together, but which do you think is engaged in the hotter make-out sesh? Take the poll and pick a winner!

Which couple has the hotter PDA?

  • Snooki and Jionni.
  • JWOWW and Roger.

Photos: Brian Prahl/Jackson Lee/Splash News